Using our equipment

At all times we try to maintain our equipment to the highest standard and as a member and as a courtesy to other members you must:

  • use a clean towel on all equipment including exercise mats;
  • clean the equipment after use with the spray and paper towel provided;
  • not drop free weights on the floor or let the machine weights drop;
  • put all equipment and free weights away after use;
  • not stand on the exercise benches;
  • use the safety key when using treadmills;
  • always use safety collars on Olympic Bars;
  • squats and pressing exercises with free weights must be performed within the power rack, or on the smith machine, when the facility is unstaffed;
  • not place additional free weights onto any exercise machine;
  • be courteous to other members on time spent on each machine and if
  • requested equipment is to be shared with another member;
  • not throw, or swing free weights;
  • if a piece of equipment breaks, please place an “out of order” sign on the equipment and advise staff during staffed hours or email [email protected] so we can organise the repair;
  • you must not use the equipment or facility under the influence of alcohol or drugs;