Membership Polices & Club Rules

Bodyworx Fitness Centre has designed the following Membership Policies and facility rules to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment in which to exercise. These rules and policies include notices posted within the facility as well as those outlined here. Please be thoughtful and observe all policies and rules that you and all members have agreed to follow. Bodyworx Fitness Centre may at any time, modify the rules and policies without notice. It is your responsibility to know and follow the most current policies and rules including those approved notices and signs within the facility, or on the premises.

Check-In / Check-Out

All members must check in using their swipe tag, either at the front desk during staffed hours, or at the door reader at the facility entrance when accessing the facility at other times. Use of the 24-hour facilities is limited to those with authorised access and is limited to your membership agreement. All members have their photograph loaded and this is checked against CCTV footage on entry outside staffed hours. A green exit button located at the front door will unlock the front door for check-out.

Restricted Areas

Areas which are not available to members during un-staffed hours include the front office, massage room, reception area, fitness testing room, maintenance room and Physiotherapy rooms. External doors are alarmed and must not be opened during un-staffed hours.

Lighting / Ventilation / Music

A single light switch lights up the entire gym area and is located to the left on entry. A switch to operate the fans is located beside this. Last person to leave is requested to ensure they are both switched off. Windows may be opened provided they are closed on departure. Music and Digital display are pre-set and cannot be changed during un-staffed hours.


The First Aid kit is located at the front door entry along with an AED and Fire Extinguisher. In the event of an emergency please ring 111.