2022 Membership Sign Up

Your Employment Details: (if you are a student please record your school, or place of learning)

Available freezes: [Total - 3months] per 12month period
Freezes: During the initial term you can suspend your membership and your payments as
set out in the agreement. Each freeze must be for at least 1month/4 weeks. Your Initial Period will be
extended by the length of freezes. After the minimum term you can suspend your membership by a
maximum of 3 months in any period of 12 months of centre use. A freezing administration fee will apply. If
you use the centre during a freeze period, you must restart your payments immediately. I

When payment(s) are missed, you may not be able to enter the centre until you have paid any overdue
balance. All costs associated with recovery of any missed payments will be added to any amounts due. This
includes a $20 administration charge, and all reasonable collection agency costs.

Facility rules and procedures: You must always comply with the rules and procedures while using the

Termination by us: we may terminate your membership immediately if you carry out any activity which we
reasonably consider to be illegal, offensive, dangerous to other people or to you, if you act in serious breach
of facility rules, or if at any time four or more payments are overdue. If we terminate because of your actions,
we will not be liable to you in any way